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    Global AccessMake international calls from your cell phone and avoid paying high cellular rates.  
What is Global Access?
Global Access is a feature that enables you, an IDT phone service customer, to call internationally from your wireless phone. You can register up to 4 additional phone numbers to your IDT residential phone service account – so you and up to three household members can take advantage of IDT’s great international rates when calling from any of your cell phones. Any international call made from any of the registered cell phone numbers will be billed at the same IDT international calling rate you get when calling from home.
Here's how it works:
The first time you use this feature from your wireless phone, you will have to register your wireless phone number.
  • Dial the access number, 877-IDT CALL (438-2255) from your cell phone. .
  • Enter your account number, which is your home phone number.
  • Enter your security code that was sent to you with your free IDT calling card.
  • When prompted, press [*5] to map your number, and thatís it!
    You wonít need your calling card, account number or security code again when making international calls from your cell phone. Just dial the access number and the international number you want to reach. HINT: For even greater convenience, just store the international calling access number in your cell phone Ė that way, it will be on speed dial, making this a very easy, one-step process!
Canít find your IDT calling card or security code?
Call one of our customer service representatives at 800-889-9126, and we'd be happy to replace your card or security code for you. There is no charge for a replacement.

* Calls must originate from within the United States. Customer must have an active IDT account to use this card. Cellular airtime and roaming charges may apply, per your cellular carrier plans.

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