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Reservationless conference calling for as low as 6ยข per minute.
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  IDT Connect is a full-featured audio conferencing platform, offering reservationless conference calls as low as 6 cents per minute per participant (in the US). With toll-free access from around the world, having a conference call has never been easier.


Have your conference calls whenever you want. With IDT Connect, you do not need to make a reservation. You can have 125 attendees.


With IDT Connect, you can customize your conference experience just the way you want it.

Change passwords: Change your passwords as often as you wish to maintain the greatest level of security. You have the power to set both the host and participant password so you can remember them easily.
Record conference room name: Add a conference room name to your conference room for all participants to hear. You can set it once, or change it every conference call; the choice is yours.
Configurable entry/exit options: Do you want to hear the participants name when
they join or leave? Or do you prefer a silent entry and exit? With IDT Connect, you can set up your conference room the way you like it to minimize interruptions or not.


As the host of the conference call, you will have the ability to control the conference call like never before.

Mute participants to cut off background noise or to speak without interruption;
unmute them if you want them to speak
Lock the conference room to add another layer of security when everyone is
Add a participant by dialing out to them right from the conference room- do a roll
call to see who is there

Billing Flexibility

IDT Connect offers optional accounting codes to help track spending by project or client. Simply enter the billing code at the beginning of the conference call, and your bill will show summary usage by billing code. You can use this to track project spending, or for easier billing to your clients.

Global Access

IDT Connect is accessible around the world, with toll free access across the United States and in over 35 other countries (click here to bring up list of Int’l access countries). This makes it easier for your partners and clients to join a conference call, wherever they are.


If you ever need help, IDT Connect has a dedicated team of customer service reps to help you out. Whether it is a problem with your account or you just need more information, we are always there to help.
 Package  Minimum Minutes/Month  Rate/Minute*
 Enterprise  15,000  $0.06
 Corporate  10,000  $0.07
 Business  2,500  $0.08
 Personal  500  $0.09
 Basic  0  $0.10
  * 10¢ per minute charge applies when monthly total minutes fails to meet required minimum usage.  
Do I need to make a reservation for a conference call?
No. Conference calls can be held at any time without the need for a reservation. You simply need to access the conference system, and provide the other attendees the dial-in information.
Can I add participants to the call in the middle?
Yes. The host of the call can dial out to other people during the call. Additionally, people can dial into the call at any time.
What do I do if there is static or other noise on one of the participants lines?
You can request that they mute themselves by pressing *1, or you can mute their line at any point by selecting *1 when going through a roll call. If they need to speak, they can un-mute themselves by pressing *1.
How many people can I have on a conference call at once?
You can have up to 25 attendees on each conference call with the dial-in information. If more participants are needed, you can have the size of your conference room increased.
Can I use the service from overseas?
Yes. IDT Connect offers two options for using the service outside the United States. With International Toll Free Service, you have toll-free access to your conference call from many countries around the world. If there is no toll-free number available in your country, you can dial a US-based local number; you just need to be able to make an international long distance call from your location.
The IDT Connect User Guide is available in a .pdf format. If you would like to sign up please click here.
The IDT Connect Quick Start Guide is available in a .pdf format. If you would like to sign up please click here.
Acrobat Reader Acrobat Reader is required to view this file. If you do not have Reader, click here to download it.

  International Access Numbers

If you or any of your conference participants are overseas, you can still access a conference call on the IDT Connect platform. IDT Connect offers two convenient ways to access conference calls from overseas.
I. International Toll Free Access
If you are in one of the countries listed below, you can use toll free access for that country. Instead of dialing the access numbers printed on your IDT Connect Wallet Card, dial the appropriate toll free number for the country listed below. You will then be prompted for conference id and password information, as if you were in the United States. The rates listed below will be applied to that portion of the call that is made from overseas.

  Country   Access Number   Cust. Serv. Number   Rates
  Argentina   0800-266-4368   0800-266-4369   0.10¢
  Australia   1800-006-142   1800-006-143   0.19¢
  Austria   800-677-478   800-677-479   0.10¢
    Austria-mobile         0.38¢
    Austria-payphone        0.10¢
  Bahrain   800-234   800-233   1.12¢
  Belgium   0800-75800   0800-75802   0.19¢
  Brazil   0800-891-7868   0800-891-7866   0.59¢
  Canada   888-444-4129    800-442-2584   0.11¢
  Chile   800-200-390    800-200-396   0.14¢
  China   10800-440-0136    10800-440-0137   0.94¢
  Colombia   01-800-518-0033    01-800-518-0034   0.17¢
  Denmark   8088-0907    8088-0909   0.15¢
  Finland   08001-14869    08001-14870   0.16¢
  France   080-570-1130    080-570-1131   0.26¢
  Germany  0800-101-4201    0800-101-4202   0.10¢
      Germany-payphone         0.40¢
  Greece   00800-4414-8258   00800-4414-8259   0.42¢
  Hong Kong   800-963-936   800-963-937   0.26¢
  Hungary   06-800-15-611   06-800-15-610   0.38¢
  Ireland   1800-992-453   1800-992-454   0.10¢
      Ireland-mobile       0.40¢
      Ireland-payphone       0.42¢
  Israel   1800-942-9999   1800-942-0000   0.10¢
  Italy   800-786-027   800-786-028   0.14¢
  Japan   00531-13-0758   00531-13-0759   0.47¢
  Luxembourg   8002-4650   8002-4651   0.19¢
  Mexico   01-800-020-6346   01-800-020-6880   0.30¢
  Netherlands   0800-022-3782   0800-022-3816   0.13¢
  New Zealand   0800-442-444   0800-442-443   0.25¢
  Norway   800-5-8333   800-5-8334   0.24¢
  Poland   00800-441-1471   00800-441-1472   0.38¢
  Portugal   800-102-079   800-102-080   0.12¢
  Russia (Moscow)   7095-741-7932   7095-741-7948   0.50¢
  Singapore   800-4481-365   800-4481-360   0.38¢
  S.Korea   00308-44-0088   00308-44-0089   0.22¢
  Spain   900-878-063   900-878-064   0.10¢
  Sweden   020-797-891   020-794-572   0.12¢
  Switzerland   0800-562-139   0800-562-123   0.17¢
  Thailand   1800-441-2661   1800-441-2662   0.76¢
  United Kingdom   0800-061-3591   0800-061-3592   0.10¢
      UK -payphone       0.40¢
II. International Toll Access
From anywhere in the world, you can dial the toll access number in the United States. Simply dial 1-718-732-6924 and then continue with entering the conference id and password (host or participant). You will pay the same rate for this call as for any other call made from the United States (Note: The caller will need to pay for the international long distance from his location to the United States).

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  • Add and delete Conference ID's
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